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Program - Invited speakers

Denis Bonnay

maître de conférences, Philosophy, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense

'''Title: Coherence as a guide to the identification of discourses'''

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Coherence is standardly seen as a property of an individual discourse, but it may also be seen as a property of collective discourses: the question is then whether individual opinions can be put together into a coherent collective opinion.

In this talk, I will present standard results in Judgment Aggregation Theory, which use coherence as a constraint on the kind of discourses which can be aggregated. I will present an alternative framework, which rather uses coherence as a guide in order to identify collective discourses as coherent units. I will discuss whether and how these ideas can be made sense of at the level of individuals rather than groups, a seemingly incoherent discourse being conceived as the product of contextual dispositions which cannot be aggregated.

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