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Program - Invited speakers

Laurence Danlos

Professeur Université Paris 7, senior member of IUF

'''Title: FDTB1: the first step in annotating a French corpus for discourse'''

'''Slides''' : PDF


Our aim is to develop the French Discourse Tree Bank (FDTB) with a discourse layer on top of the syntactic one which is available in the French Tree Bank (FTB, (Abeillé et al 2003) on a journalistic corpus (Le Monde). The discourse annotation will be in the vein of the Penn Discourse Tree Bank (PDTB, (Prasad et al. 2008), however with a different workflow. In the first step, which we called FDTB1 and have just achieved, we have identified all the words or phrases in the corpus that are used as discourse connectives. We will present the methodology and the results of this annotation enterprise.

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