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Program - Invited speakers

Philippe Blache

DR CNRS, LPL, Université Aix-Marseille

'''Title: Estimating cohesion in syntax'''

'''Slides''' : PDF


Describing and modeling natural interaction, especially in a pathologic context, requires a formal framework that has to be:

->- generic enough in order to bring together different sources of linguistic information

-> - flexible enough in order to implement a usage-based approach

Such a framework offers several advantages. In particular, it renders possible the description of unrestricted productions, including non-canonical. In such situations, linguistic information can be underspecified, ill-formed, inconsistent, etc. As a consequence, linguistic analysis should not consist in building a structure, but rather in the identification of its properties.

I will present in this talk such an approach for syntax, in which information is proposed in terms of relations between constructions. I will describe how this framework can be used to estimate syntactic cohesion. This kind of information can have different applications such as the prediction of linguistic difficulty and makes it possible to compare precisely different kinds of productions.

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